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Etsy Tips and Tricks: Part #1

MrsAppleCheeks by TheHouseOfMouse


Etsy Guru Timothy Adam's Blog
If I had to pick only one source of etsy information, this would be it! Timothy Adam's blog provides fantastic information on publicising your store and generating visits and sales. Timothy also runs Handmadeology, Etsy Secrets and Found-Handmade (where you can submit your items to be featured).

Etsy Newbies Guides
Newbies. Here's why you're not selling yet.
The Ultimate Newbie Guide

Tagging Your Items
In my opinion, this is a critical thing to get right and often overlooked (as well as trying to have at least two pages of items). If you have great products and amazing photos, it's not very helpful if people can't find you! It's important for google search results as well as etsy searches. Don't forget that if buyers are searching by category, titles won't be picked up- just tags.
There is a bit of controversy about tagging, but this is the very best resource I've seen, from an highly successful (and lovely) etsy seller, TheHouseOfMouse -> Tagging Article

There's also been a recent change in the way etsy results are detected for google in terms of your shop sections (and shop titles are also important). Have a read of this Storque article 'Optimizing Your Etsy Shop For Search Engines'.

The Etsy Seller Handbook
The Etsy Seller Handbook Produced by Etsy

I'm So Hardcore I've Got Tools by NotRocketSurgery

How to install Google Analytics (GA)
Understanding GA results
See search terms used within etsy searches
Exclude your ip (see 'Understanding GA above)
GA help site
GA Blog
Note: because of the way GA works on etsy, some results will show how people found etsy, and then found your store. So you might get referrals from blogs you have not been mentioned on and some strange keywords (like corn poo, or one I got: Badass Undies)

CraftCult - see stats on your hearts, visits, features
Craftopolis - Find out which treasuries you're in

Treasury West
How to Make a Treasury
Making front-page worthy treasuries
A tip from me- check your photos in gallery mode. This is what they will look like in a treasury, and they are less likely to be picked if bits are chopped off (which is not evident in 'list' view)

Etsy Hacks
Etsy Hacks- add-ons to make listing and forums easier, plus lots more

Free pricing spreadsheet from Chris Parry

Shop Local
Handmade Detective - my site allowing local text searches by keyword (see announcement below though)

Off the Hook Brooch Duo by LittleShopOf

Follow me blog buttons
Twitter Tools
Plurk (similar to twitter)
The DUST team 'Get Tweeted' game

3-Column Blog Tutorial
Cute Blog Backgrounds
Share this button
(like the ones on this blog- allows people to stumble, email, tweet your posts easily)
Retweet this button
DUSTer blog button swap

Advertising etc.
Project wonderful
About Project Wonderful
Google Adwords
Google Keyword Tool (useful for thinking of etsy tags as well)
Business Cards (read T&C carefully)
Free Newsletter
Increase your etsy shop traffic

In addition to being active on the etsy forums, and perhaps advertising on etsy-related sites, I do think it is important to 'think outside the square' and try to also target 'buyers' rather than just other etsy sellers (I think this cause frustrating when it's not successful). I suspect that 'buyers' (as opposed to sellers who buy) might be more likely to respond to advertising, and more likely to appreciate the uniqueness of an item (as opposed to etsy sellers who have seen plenty of pieces of jewellery on etsy made from the same components, for example). I'm not saying that exposure within the etsy community isn't important as well (and it does depend on what you're selling). As PocketCarnival pointed out, it can result in treasury features and being noticed by etsy admin.
An example: If I sold children's items, I might consider advertising through PW on The Australian Childcare Index with ad views of over 1000/day for $1/day, and around 70% of visitors coming from Australia (I found this by searching through PW- just an example of what I mean about thinking outside the square...rather than going for a high-traffic etsy site).

Creating your own website or online profile page
Google Profile Page
These are my quickly-put-together examples. Great ideas for having all your sites and online identities in one place (blogs, twitter, facebook, myspace, all your links, new item photos and blog posts imported- on Soopsee). Soopsee is still in the development stage (you can only have one etsy store featured currently), and I think the google profile page is also new.

If you want to create a website or online shop, here are some Aussies on etsy who can help:
IHeartHandmade Website Creation (my site)

For Graphics:

Upcycled Chenille Pants by AngelLeaDesigns

The Great Blog List
Now I was thinking maybe I should keep this one to myself (just kidding!): This is a fantastic list of blog that you can submit your items to, from the wonderful blog, ModishBizTips.

The Australian Etsy Blog
To be a featured seller or have an item featured, just comment on the blog often so I notice you:) Sellers can also offer giveaways (convo me or post in the DUST forum thread)

Aussie Handmade Giveaway
Another great opportunity to offer a giveaway!

Belinda Bilby by Blubies

A-Z of Australian Etsy Sellers
Style Collective Indie Directory
DUST gift guide
How to add yourself to the DUST giftguide
Australian Etsy Sellers By Category (on this blog- being developed)
Blogs from Australians on Etsy (the sister site to this blog)

WC Bathroom Decor Signs by Mooza

We are now able to search specifically for shops that will ship overseas and....drumroll....apparently we will soon be able to search by location using keywords!!!!!!
Read the Storque article here

USD now more clearly displayed

Click and Send
Australia Post now allows the preparation of international postge documentation online (I think there are still some bugs)

In case some newbies aren't aware of it, MadeIt is the Aussie alternative to etsy, and has recently launched their new site

One day I'll listen to my own advice and actually list something in my stores and try to publicise them instead of creating random blogs! I currently sell more frequently than I list...if I actually focused on my stores and got rid of this silly PhD thing, everything might work out quite well ;) Haha
Brain in a Jar by YourOrganGrinder

Any suggestions you have for the next post in the 'Tips and Tricks' series would be appreciated!


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