How to get your shop featured

I often search on etsy for items to feature in blog posts by using the search term 'Australia'. In addition to that, I like to feature people who read and comment on my blogs, and people that I chat with on twitter etc. I always have about 10 billion things going on at once, so I tend to feature people who stick in my mind because I interact with them :) I also try to make sure that I feature people who write blog posts about this blog *hint*hint* ;)

You can find me on twitter @ _morphologica_, morphologica and etsysellertips

On occasion I post articles about upcoming events, teams etc. If there is a special event coming up, or if you would like to contribute a guest post, feel free to email me at morphologica[@] or catch me on twitter (if you are interested in contributing a guest post, please include a link to your blog and/or treasuries so I can make sure it would fit in with the aesthetic of this blog). I'll try to reply, but can't always get through everything in my inbox and sometimes am a bit hopeless at replying if I have a lot on.

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