Monday, May 18, 2009

Australian Etsy Blog Giveaway!!!! VintageChenille

Using vintage chenille, Leah (Leahkl) creates sweet creatures, dolls and patchwork quilts for your little one (you’re allowed to buy them for yourself too of course!)

Suzie the Pink Vintage Chenille Scottie Dog

Mini 5-Question Interview with Leah of VintageChenille

How would you describe the concept behind your etsy store, VintageChenille?
I do hope that my store and products are unique, many are OOAK and all handmade by myself with vintage chenille, which I spend lots of time collecting and lots of love!

Vintage Chenille Pear Rattle

When did you start making your vintage chenille pieces, and why did you start selling on etsy?
I started creating with Vintage chenille not long after my baby girl was born, which is just over 12 months ago now. I opened my etsy store in August of last year

Bell The Blue Bird (On Sale!)

Do your materials have a story behind them?
Many of the old bedspreads have a story behind them, people often pick out pieces of my Gracie's quilt and tell me that they once had a bedspread like one of the squares. Many people tell me that the old chenille makes them smile and brings back happy memories, I love that!

Baby Blue Vintage Chenille Patchwork Quilt

How many stuffed toys do you own personally?
Well I don't own many at all, my children own quite a few, we are moving on to dolls now, which is exciting, as my daughter arrived after 3 boys!

Tell us a secret about Leah
I usually stay up way too late, crafting or using the internet!

Little Girls' Red Headband

Check out the new sale section in Leah's shop, where you can buy yourself a treasure for $10 or less! She also has a supercute blog that is definitely worth following.

Giveaway Details!

VintageChenille is generously offering Ruby The Vintage Chenille Babushka Doll as an amazing prize for the lucky winner, with free worldwide postage.

To enter: This week's giveaway is a bit of fun! Write a brief sentence or story that could be included in the description of one of the toys from VintageChenille and post it as a comment here (don't forget to leave a way to contact you).
For additional chances to win: write a blog post or tweet about this giveaway and write another story or sentence in a comment here (one extra entry for tweeting, another for a blog post- don't forget to post your username or blog).

Leah will choose the best entry as the winner! Entries may be used or altered by Leah for use in her item you might become famous too ;)

Entries open until Monday 1st June, midnight Sydney time.

Announcing the Winner of the previous giveaway from Julie's Jewels....
Congratulations to Leanne Lonergan (RainbowRevolution)!!!! Winner chosen by Random.Org


  1. Ok a story... well of course i had to pick a bunny:) hehe

    This is Rachael. She is a beautiful show jumping chenille bunny. She loves cuddles and kisses, she would love to come to your house to look after your babies and give them lovely bunny kisses all day long.


  2. I tweeted it:) hehe BUt i really hope no one else enters because I wants it:) hehe:) xx

  3. OMG...I won Julies giveaway! Thank you so much.
    Am I allowed to enter this one too or would that be a bit greedy?

  4. Soft cuddly and cute in the bargain. Let your baby enjoy a slice of history with this vintage fabric.
    seedbeader on twitter

  5. Emily the elephant marches to the beat of a different drummer, and dances to her own music. She is green when running east, and orange when wandering west, and fun no matter which way she is headed.

    urchiken at gmail dot com


    Vincent is a handsome fellow, who will make a loyal friend for your little one (or you of course)


    Vincent is just a little bit different from his scottie dog family. Sometimes he wishes he was more like them, just one colour, but he DOES get told that he IS special, that he IS one of a kind, that he IS afterall part vintage and that he IS very beautiful..... perhaps the other scottie doggies should want to be like him!

  8. This isn't a real entry ;)

    There is a scottie dog called Spot (short for Spottie),
    one side is brown and the other dotty.
    Spottie Spot Scottie secretly thinks Rachel Rabbit is a hottie,
    but alas, Rachel Rabbit has a soft spot for Max, another Scottie!

  9. Haha I don't think hottie rabbits are really the kind of image Leah's going for ;)

  10. Ruby The Vintage Chenille Babushka Doll will bring a touch of russian cuteness & cuddliness to your home.


  11. Hehe, I choose Vincent the vintage Scotty...

    "Och Aye" says Vincent as he looks around for his new owner. "I canna make a wee babe happy til I come home to your place for a wee cuddle"

    I would like to add something about haggis and wee drams of fine malt but......

  12. Leah's store has lovely chennile items =). I am specially smitten with her gorgeous quilts.
    So here's a story for Cottontail:

    "Have you heard of this bunny's tale? How she prances and bounces around the fields to catch a wandering flake of cotton? Yes, indeed, it's the story of Cottontail. She's ready to be adopted, and to fill your home with lovely cotton tales."

    Thanks for introducing such a sweet store and seller! I already have Leah's blog in my Reader =)



  13. Emily the green vintage chenille plush Elephant

    Emily's friends used to laugh from her.

    It's greren, it's green!!!!

    She explained it to her mother and she answer her she was a beautiful piece of wood with pretty flowers. She look at the mirror herself ans she found she was the most beautiful elephant in theworld!!!!!

    thanks for the chance!!!Beautiful shop!!

    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  14. My description is for Suzie the pink vintage chenille scottie dog.

    Suzie says:
    "Wruff! Wruff! I'm Suzie the scottie! I'm soft and I like sushi! You may hug me and kiss me, but please don't shush me!"


  15. I tweeted!


  16. Rachel the plush purple vintage chenille rabbit wants to hop into your daughters bedroom. She promises to cuddle with your daughter every night. During the day she will try and be tidy and keep all of your daughter's toys company.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  17. This is the cutest contest :)
    My name is Brielle. I am off on an adventure into the woods to visit my Grandmama and bring her this basket of goodies.

  18. Her stuff is adorable! It's just the right blend of shabby chic and cuddly, perfect for a little girl to love. I know my daughter would love her Babushka doll!


  19. Hmm, I can't think of descriptions for my own shop right now, but maybe...
    Emily Elephant
    Emily is shy, and hides in the grass, a strange place for an elephant. But she'd love some friends to invite her to play...maybe hide and go seek?

    I love all the dolls!


  20. I love the Vintage Chenille Carrot Rattle because it reminds me of my favorite book when I was young....."Bunnicula". Everytime I see carrots, I think vampire bunnies :)

    themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

  21. Little Bo Peep has lost her Bo Peep buttons. All her friends help her finding them. Rufus, the swiftest of all, search to the moon and back, Eve the mightiest looks under the rocks, and Spot sniffs all the way down the hills. But it was dearest Martha who found them sitting idly all wrapped up under the Dick and Jane quilt. The End.

  22. Katie the Kitty was blue. She didn't know what to do. So to make herself feel better,she wrote
    me a letter. I give this Babushka Doll to you!
    (Why thank you!)

  23. Bell the Blue Bird let out a tweet tweet to let everyone know about this wonderful giveaway!
    tweet tweet

  24. Ok A haiku for Ruby!

    Ruby smiles Sweetly
    Waiting to be taken home
    She's soft and cuddly

  25. Jemma the groovy elephant is so loveable and sweet, she's a great listener and she never forgets her friends

  26. Mary
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com



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