Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Aussie Wish List

Sigh.....so many nice things to buy, and no pennies to buy them with. I WANT these yummy things! All of them (and more) !!!

Skeleton Keys Clutch by PocketCarnival

Custom Clutch by Bobishi

Black Half-Circle Skirt by Lyptis

Ribbon Bow HairClips by Vanilla Pixie
(yes I know they're supposed to be for kids!)

Swarovski Snowball Earrings by Angie180281

Aquamarine Pendant by Beadsme

'Cover Me' Notepad Cover by Wiccked

Spearmint Swirl Ring by Incalesco
(this is what I want the most!)


  1. Nice picks Nicky-that ring is beautiful :)

  2. I know- I really want it! Hopefully it won't sell until I finish my PhD and then I can buy it for myself!

  3. Oo Oo Hehe you put my clutch in:) I will have to make a non custom one...:)

  4. i know everything is beautiful, love them all!!


  5. Ooh yay! I'm so happy you like my clutch! Hurry up and finish your PhD now!

  6. and my coverme made your list too! thanks :)


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