Friday, February 19, 2010

Guest Blogger: 'Party Time!' with Penny from PocketCarnival

Today's post was kindly written by Penny from PocketCarnival. Penny creates gorgeous handmade cards, clutches, purses and lots of other goodies featuring cute & curious little creatures (original artwork). Definitely one to add to your favourites list!

Colour Me Happy Gocco Party Invites 6 pack with envelopes by benconservato

When you have a party you'll need to invite people, and how better to do it than with these colour-your-own invites by benconservato? You can personalise each one, or just leave them black & white, they're still gorgeous that way!

PLAY TIME BANNERS, 6 mini flag bunting for party by littlemoandfriends

I love going to parties with beautiful decorations, it just makes everything seem more festive and out of the ordinary! These little paper buntings are gorgeous, and will make your home beautiful even after the party's over!

CUPCAKE WRAPPERS by thecupcakewrapperco

Cakes are a very important part of having a party, I think you'll agree! It's so nice to be able to give everyone their own little cake - these cupcake wrappers are reusable, so you can give them to your guests as a little souvenir, or use them over and over for each party!

Argyle Jumper Girl Gift Card featuring Badge by HMCdesigns

Want a sweet card to give to say thank you to the host or hostess of the wonderful party you've just been to? HMCdesigns cards are all made of 100% post consumer recycled cardstock - excellent! And the little badge is removable, for a little keepsake!

So, what are you waiting for? All these party supplies are made in Australia, are gorgeous, and your party will be the talk of the town!
. . .

Hello Bunny Coinpurse - Hand Illustrated

You can find out more about Penny and PocketCarnival here:
PocketCarnival Website
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  1. Lovely finds!!!!
    *off to check out wares now*

  2. Those cupcake wrappers are such a great idea! Used with one of those cupcake stands they would make a great centrepiece for the table.

  3. Some sweet party ideas, thanks Penny!


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