Thursday, September 17, 2009

WIN a Zibbet Premium Account FREE for LIFE!!

I recently posted about Zibbet - a new international site for handmade and vintage, created by two Sydneysiders ('Zibbet' comes from the word 'exhibit').

I wanted to tell everyone about the site because sellers can sell items for free- with no listing fees, no monthly fees and no commission on sales with a basic account!!! The basic account allows you to have a store with 25 items at a time, and pay nothing at all- sounds good to me :)

There's also the premium account with lots of cool features, including unlimited listings/relisting, a customised shopfront that even allows you to add widgets including an etsy mini, twitter links, facebook fan box and project wonderful advertising- which might mean your shop ends up paying for its own advertising!
Premium accounts are currently available for a reduced monthly fee of $7, but for every person you refer who signs up for a premium account, $1 will be taken off your monthly fee. So refer 7 people and it's free for life!
Readers of this blog are also being given the chance to win a free premium account! Info about the giveaway below :)

Part of my Customised Zibbet Shop

I think Zibbet is a very promising site, and they're extremely responsive to sellers' suggestions. It's a great option for those wanting to try out another selling venue. Also, seeing as we have to put so much effort into promotion, why not direct the traffic that you're generating yourself to a shop where you don't have to pay any fees?
(more info in my previous review here)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Zibbet has kindly arranged two special offers just for Australian Etsy Blog readers:

Free 7-day trial of a premium account
Have a play! Create a video of yourself for your profile, change the colour of your shop every day!
Just enter the code AUSFREE when signing up (available to readers in all locations)
Try Zibbet Out Here

WIN a FREE premium account FOR LIFE!!!

Sell for free for life, with unlimited listings and a customisable shop!

To Enter the Giveaway:
All you need to do to enter is become a fan on my new facebook page and leave a comment on the 'Exclusive from Morphologica & Zibbet: Zibbet Giveaway' post on my facebook page- that's it!
(there is a 'become a fan' button at the top of the page, and the link to leave a comment is just below the competition post)

For an Extra Entry:
Tweet about the competition with a link to this blog post, then post your twitter username in the comments for this blog post (just below).

The winner will be chosen using a random number generator after the 8th October (closing date), and contacted through facebook (unless alternative contact details are left). Entry is open to everyone in all locations.

Good luck and don't forget your free trial :) (code AUSFREE)
★ ★ ★ ★

(Please note- links in this blog post are mainly referral links for a new store that I am thinking of setting up in addition to my Morphologica store)


  1. I tweeted! Thanks for the opportunity for a 2nd entry! Great competition. How long does the free 7 day trial code last? I'm going away and won't have a chance to think about that until early November.

    Twitter username: janallsopp

  2. You can use the trial code any time :)

  3. I just tweeted too! Thanks from me too for the opportunity. So exciting to have something like Zibbet here in our home Aust. Cheers from Karen

    I posted and became a fan.

  5. I'm also twittering about this with a link to this page.
    Whatsy (twitter name)

  6. I'll be tweeting soon... @purplecats

  7. Thanks for post. I tweeted @annaleeblysse

  8. Hello! I tweeted. :)
    My username is Flufftail.

  9. Tweeted! I'm MissPepperberry :-)

  10. Zibbet is really easy. Set up my shop very quickly and got my first sale already. A free shop for life would be great.


  11. Congratulations to Renate of for winning the free Zibbet account!!

  12. I like this location better than the first. I space is really awesome, and doesn't feel claustrophobic.

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