Monday, September 28, 2009

Quick Questions #1

Seeing as I seem to know far too many useless things about etsy and related bits and pieces, I thought I'd start a regular 'Quick Questions' blog feature. Post your questions in the comments, and I'll choose one to answer next time- it can be an etsy-related question, or you can post about other random silly things....

A question that came up today was about whether it is possible to add an etsy mini to a facebook fan page.

The answer is yes, but it's a bit tricky and facebook can be a bit buggy (the 'boxes' tab doesn't always show up for business pages when you need it). Complete instructions can be found on Anna's blog (from TheHouseofMouse on etsy) here.

To summarise (if you already know what you're doing), add the application 'My Stuff' to your fan page and paste in your etsy mini code, then click 'add to profile'.
Next, go to your profile and find the 'boxes' tab on your profile- you may need to click on the '+' tab and look for boxes. If you can't find it, try later (this is the buggy bit).
Once you find the boxes tab, click on it and go to the 'My Stuff' application, then click on the little pencil (top right). Select 'Move To Wall Tab'. It can take a bit of stuffing around, but this should work. You can see mine here:

. . .

Post your questions below :) Be as silly as you like!

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  1. What is wrong with my tags? I'm confused about how to maximise tagging between etsy searches & google / search engine searches. I get the theory but I suck at the practice!

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  3. There's also an application called "Etsy Shop" that shows 6 random items from your shop :D But the EtsyMini does look nicer and you have control over what it shows.

    Thank you for featuring the Flying Piggy!♥

  4. Lucky you! I wish someone would teach me how to make those clutch to all... everytime I try it seems I'm a klutz!

    nintendo dsi r4


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