Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Have you heard about ZIBBET??!

Code for free trial of a premium account down the bottom of this post!

Zibbet is a new international site for handmade and vintage, created by two Sydneysiders ('Zibbet' comes from the word 'exhibit').

As well as the fact that it's an Aussie-based site (but for international buyers and sellers), I wanted to share it with all of you because Zibbet now allows you to set up your own store and sell items for free- with a free basic account, you can have 25 items in your shop and pay no listing fees and no commission on sales either!!!

I thought this would be fantastic for many who may have been reluctant to try out additional online venues because of the fees involved- this way you can sell for nothing :)

There are some other really cool aspects to the site as well. I have just set up a premium shop for my new scientific jewellery line Morphologica, which allowed me to customise the colour scheme and sizing of elements in my shop, and add widgets to my store including a box for my facebook fan page, an etsy button (you can add an etsy mini too and twitter feeds, blog links etc), and I'm planning to add some project wonderful ads to earn some advertising money! You can also add selected photos and a YouTube video of your crafting to your shop profile!

Premium shops have unlimited listings, and again have no listing or selling fees (subscription is $7/month). You get $1 off this monthly fee for life for each person you refer to the site who then signs up for a premium account, meaning that if you refer 7 people your premium account will be completely free forever (please note this is the current referral program- the referral info on their website regarding earning commissions hasn't been updated yet and no longer applies).

Part of my customised shop front

Facebook box and button for my etsy store on the side panel

Zibbet also plans to introduce the ability to offer discount coupon codes so that we can run promotions for our stores easily, and the option to import listings from etsy (although I found just copying and pasting very easy because the layout is very similar).

An excellent feature that's already available is that you can sort your search results so that sellers close to your location are listed first, making it easier to find items from Australian sellers!

So far I really like Zibbet. It's still developing of course, but the Zibbet team is very helpful and attentive, and it's great to see (and support) another promising handmade site to come out of Australia. I think it could be particularly good for the traffic that sellers generate by themselves using project wonderful, blogs, twitter etc.
If you're going to work hard generating the traffic yourself, why not send some of it to a shop where you don't have to pay any fees, and also where your items are more likely to stand out?

There are a few issues that do need to be addressed, such as limitations in shipping options (location and abilty to discount combined shipping), lack of a geekery section for me (hehe), the currency is not clear enough (and it would be wonderful to have the option to view it in AU$ of course, particularly as it's an Aus-based site), and of course many people are not yet aware of the site.

I think it's a great way to gain a bit more exposure and to benefit more from the effort we all put into promotion, and being able to place project wonderful advertising in our shops might mean they end up paying for their own advertising!

. . . . . . . .

Announcing a special offer:
Zibbet is offering a special 7-day free trial of a premium shop to all Australian Etsy Blog readers!!
That means you can easily copy your etsy listings over to your FREE premium customisable Zibbet store and have fun playing around with the colours, banner and photo sizes, lots of different widgets, and post a video of yourself for us to watch :)

To take advantage of this exclusive offer just for us, enter the code AUSFREE when registering for a premium account, and you'll get a 7-day free premium account trial!

There is a space to enter the coupon code on the last page when signing up for your account.

Sign up to Zibbet

Feel free to post your new zibbet shop links in the comments and I'll put them up in a blog post so we can all visit (and let me know in the comment if you're running a promotion during that period).

(Please note- links in this blog post are mainly referral links for a new store that I am thinking of setting up in addition to my Morphologica store)


  1. Wow, thanks so much for sharing, i must check it out!

  2. Sounds excellent! I just signed up with a premium account, thanks for the free sign up! :)

  3. I have already signed up with Zibbet, about 3 months ago, but have just updated my shop to a premium account - in the last 7 days I have had 5 sales which is AMAZING!

  4. Hmm..sounds very interesting! I'll definately check it out.

  5. That sounds great Nicky - off to check it out now..thanks

  6. Hadn't heard of it but will check it out. Thanks.

  7. Just opened up a shop there - shame it is not in AUD though but. This is my shop

    thanks nicky

  8. Nicky you are a gem. I will have to spend some time zibbiting.

  9. Zibbetted :D YAY! Thanks for letting me know about it!

  10. Just to let you know, you can now list up to 50 for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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