Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Halloween Preparations...

It's probably time to start planning an etsy Halloween to make sure the goodies make their way across the world on time....imagine turning up to a costume party with some of these creations! (Hmmm....thinking maybe I should have a party just so I can put together a fantastic costume)

These pieces are from the Halloween specialists- Etsy's Dark Side Street Team (find items from the team by searching etsydarkteam )

Dark Embrace- Antiqued Silver Gothic Bat Cuff by LushPunk

Gothic Wedding Prom Ballgown Skirt by SistersOfTheMoon

Bee Mechanique Watch Ring by 19Moons

The Angel Balm Print by ettadiem

Necklace Neo-Victorian- Waltzing Through the Golden Age by EJPcreations

Cute Dynamite Antique Lace Headband by CutieDynamite

Avec Amour - Red Metal Rose Necklace by BellaLili

Dark Angel Cufflinks by Aranwen

Gun Toting Bear Plush by TragicStitches

Miniature Dollhouse Edgar Allan Poe Halloween Cabinet by KaleidoscopicRomance

Batlings! by StaticWhite'sStitchery

There are so many cool things, I think I'll have to do a Halloween series!

To browse more items from Etsy's Dark Side Team:

The DarkSide Website
DarkSideTeam on MySpace
DarkSideTeam on Twitter
DarkSideTeam Blog
EtsyDarkTeam on Facebook


  1. It is very nice and cute creation by them for the small babies. That picture in which two younger girls have stand. There legs are looking like a part of the picture in which toy have stand a like!!

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  2. I really like halloween, the party and i love to go out with my litle girl, she really enjoy to ask in every house for a candy.
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