Friday, July 17, 2009

Kiwis on Etsy!

I thought it was time to feature some of the amazing etsians from New Zealand- even though the name of this blog is the Australian Etsy Blog, I think it would be nice to feature some kiwis as well. Actually I was born in NZ, so it's even more appropriate :)

Navy Merino Beanie by NaturalStar

It's funny, I've only recently started to look through the New Zealand items on etsy (I don't know why I didn't think of it before)...and I've already got my eye on so many things...especially snuggly things!

Power Pole Ring in Sterling Silver by Ashhilton

...and some very funky things.

Kokako Journal by Honeydesignbooks

Soft Rocks Knitted Silver Chain Necklace by Toggle

Pocket Protector Tee Shirt by Papercup

Bambina Vessels by Popcraft


  1. oooh what a cute baby!!!

    Nicky, I could see you in that t-shirt!! :D they need to pop some scientist glasses in the pocket too tho.

  2. Wow! Nice surprise - thanks so much for featuring my beanie :)

  3. I am diggin' the knitted necklace by Toggle - certainly proud to be 50% New Zealander!

  4. Lovely selection. I want that knitted necklace!

  5. How cool! I love those t shirts from s'wonderful, they are so talented. In fact, what a line up here - major talent and awesome photography from every seller here.
    Natural Star sent me over to peek and I am glad I did!

  6. That is the cutest photo I have ever seen!!

  7. Wow what a great feature - particularly love the Soft Rocks Knitted Silver Chain Necklace by Toggle- yum!

    Thanks so much for your fabbo blog ooh and also for entering my blog giveaway too Miss Rocket.



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