Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sophistication, Style and Sex Appeal....

Rain, Fine Silver Earrings

I'm sure many of you have seen the work of husband and wife team @ FinchBird on etsy, but if you haven't it's certainly worth a visit. Ben obtained an Honours degree in Object Design from Sydney University, and is now a teacher of Design and Visual Art. Dani is the promotional brains of the outfit, and is also involved in design and creation of some of the pieces.

Aubergine- Black Freshwater Pearl Necklace

FinchBird creations are stunning in their simplicity and, in the words of the artists themselves, are 'inspired by nature, clean organic shapes, leaves and new growth'.

I love the whole range from Dani and Ben, which is rather rare :) There are a couple of pieces I find particularly amazing though, the Moebius pendant and Snowdrop earrings (pictured below).

Moebius Pendant

Snowdrop- Fine Silver Earrings

Another thing from the store that I absolutely must share with you (although I must confess I've featured this before) is the Tendril/Rocket/Jet Stream series that cause a bit of a stir (and reaching for purses) amongst the DUST team members.



Jet Stream

Perfect for the 'recessonista', these sterling silver earrings are a very affordable luxury, and are 'the little black dress' in earring form (my sister-in-law is already trying to pinch mine!).
For a behind-the-scenes look, visit the FinchBird Blog:


  1. Thanks Nic, what a gorgeous review!
    xx dani

  2. Awesome stuff!! (and fabulous people too)

    Am coveting the Tendril earrings...


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