Friday, June 5, 2009

Featured Etsy Team: The BrisStyle Team!

Joining a street team is a great way to find some help and support on etsy, and to connect with lots of other Australian sellers. Chris from the Brisbane-based BrisStyle team took some time out to chat about the team...

Raincloud Brooch by LittleChrissy

How did the BrisStyle team start and what makes it successful?
In March 2008, 12 likeminded artists met to discuss forming a group with an aim to foster and support the local creative community.
One year later the group has swelled to more than 75 members, who meet regularly to celebrate their shared love of creating beautiful things.
BrisStyle's success lies in the fact the group is a support network for people with a shared interest. It sounds corny but we really are like one big ever-expanding family. We are all about helping boosting members' sales, offering support and advice, and showing the world that you can be crafty and cool.

Reversible Handbag Spearmint Leaves by WheresBeckyBean

The team seems quite active both online and in the real world. Can you tell us about the events and promotions the team regularly runs or is involved in?
First and foremost we have our BrisStyle Indie Designers Market, which is being held at the St Augustine's Church Hall in Hamilton on July 4. This year we're looking to hold our markets four times a year, so there will be lots of BrisStyle cheer to be had.
Our BrisStyle blog is a great place to find all of our members in the one spot. We hold monthly member giveaways, and also run profiles on featured members so you can get an insight into their creative processes.
We had very successful participation as a collaborative in this year's Brisbane Stitches & Craft show, which we will continue next year.
We are also building relationships with other major Australian Indie art/craft supporters such as Living Creatively, MixTape and Peppermint magazines, 4zzz and Artworkers Alliance.

Cuddly Cat by EdwardAndLilly

Do you have any advice for new or not-so-new Aussie etsy sellers? Perhaps some thoughts on reaching Australian buyers who have not yet discovered etsy?
Get involved in a team like BrisStyle! We have a swag of seasoned sellers in our group, as well as a lot of newbies who are just starting to explore avenues of getting their wares out there. Our group forums are an excellent way to get advice on any sort of issue. Don't be afraid to speak to new people - put it out there!

Botanical Black Pet Collar by PretaPawte

How can Aussie sellers join the BrisStyle team?
We are a friendly bunch - send us an email at and we promise to respond promptly with details on how to get involved.
Sundress, Pretty in Pink by HotFudge

Do you think there is a particular 'Brisbane style' or are you just a stylish bunch in general?
Brisbane has long suffered the stigma of being referred to as the backward cousin of its southern sister cities - a tag that is completely unjustified! We have the beautiful weather, a gorgeous river city and open and friendly people, and this is reflected in our relaxed style. Our members' creations are so varied in content, but we are always astounded at how stylish, clever and creative they are.

Espresso Cups Print by HeyHarriet

* * *
Don't forget to check out the BrisStyle blog, where you can find out all about the team and win lots of goodies! There's also a new BrisStyle Facebook group, and I'm told that there's a 'spankingly good' website going live very soon...I will certainly be keeping an eye out for that one!


  1. Thanks Nicky, you're awesome for promoting BrisStyle so beautifully and thanks for including cuddly cat. Chris, great interview, you summed it all up perfectly :)

  2. Thanks so much Nicky for including one of our little bags :) We're well chuffed :D
    And thanks Chrissy for the great interview. Go BrisStyle!

  3. Thank you Nicky for the BrisStyle promotion and for including my dress. I am certainly in esteemed company! And great interview, Chrissy.

  4. Thanks heaps Nicky for this wonderful feature on the BrisStyle Team! And an extra special mushy thanks for including my Espresso Cups print! xo

  5. Great getting to know more about this Team

  6. Nice interview Nicky! Are team features going to be a regular feature here?

  7. Nice to meet some more Aussies :) Thanks Nicky

  8. Thanks for promoting BrisStyle. They are an awesome bunch, aren't they ! I can't believe there's more than 75 people now, the group sure has grown quickly :D

  9. Thank you Nicky! Big crafty love x

  10. I love the PinkLizzy Sews for Oliver S Bubble Dress! So sweet. Thanks for the giveaway. mybabyappleseed(at)yahoo(dot)ca

  11. Sorry -- I ended up posting the above post in the wrong spot... I never knew Brisbane had such a stigma. My family considered moving from Canada to Brisbane when I was young so I've always had a soft spot for Brisbane!

  12. Thanks for sharing the BrisStyle love! Great post :)


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