Thursday, April 9, 2009


Coffee Scrub Soap by InnerEarthSoaps

As many of you know, I have left the sunny Gold Coast, and returned to Sydney.... which to my surprise is COLD and wintery! Returning to Sydney is good and bad. I am looking forward to good coffee and yummy thai food, trips to Glebe Markets, catching up with old friends & everything else that is Sydney.

Seatbelt pouch by Interrobang

As you can see, I've been checking out etsy sellers based in Sydney. Lots of amazing things to go on my wishlist ('s a rather long wishlist). I really want one of these Seatbelt bags :( Will have to count my pennies.

Hidden Passageway Necklace by EclecticMoi

Sabrina a Tuxedo Ruffle Dress by MaisyBrownReproRetro

Silver Pansy Earrings by MetalAndStone

Floral Falls Grey- Wall Decals by VinylWallDesign

I want this whole room. This is desire is perhaps heightened slightly by the fact that I am living out of boxes at the moment, and back in my room at home that I had when I was 16 (really...PhDs aren't worth it), spending most of my time in there to keep my kitty company until we try and introduce her to my family's cat.

White Seaweed - Oxidised Silver Earrings by Thingomatic

I'm sure some cocktails in Manly tomorrow night will help put the whole 'moving/life change' thing in perspective ;) Ange's earrings will probably want to come with me...

Items from Sydney sellers found using the Handmade Detective 'Search Local' site


  1. I love the tuxedo dress! And cocktails always help, don't they?

  2. Lovely Wintery Picks :)
    I just love those Silver Pansy Earrings!

    Thank you so much for including for adding my 'hidden passageway' amongst these beautiful items :)

    I hope you soon feel at home once more in Sydney ♥

  3. cool blog great idea ... found out about you from the BrisStyle team

  4. Beautiful items ! So inspiring.


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