Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Snuggly Rugs!

I'm afraid things have been a bit quiet on The Australian Etsy Blog lately....I'll have lots of news to share with you over the next few weeks though! For anyone interested in 'business tips' style posts, I'm now mainly posting that information over on my Etsy Business Tips Blog (and trying to feature lots of Aussies over there as well).

Today's post is to let you know about buysterrugs if you haven't heard about them already (I know many of you have out in blog land)- they kindly sent me one of their gorgeous oriental rugs, which is now lying in front of our fireplace (and our kitty approves of the new addition). When it arrived, I was impressed to find out that it was made in Belgium, and it even smelled nice and carpet-y :) (ok maybe I'm a little strange!). They have a beautiful range- some of my favourites:

Cosmo Shag Rug

Timeless Trends White Rug

Contemporary Black Rug

and one for the kiddies:
Pink Striped Rug

Definitely bookmarked for future indulgence ;)


  1. I know you're not doing business tips here anymore, but I'm a little confused to see this here.. seems like a bit of on odd post - promoting the joys of cheap machine-made, mass produced, commercially designed imported rugs made from artificial materials?

  2. I'll still be featuring lots of Australians on etsy here (just as I have featured your shop) and local events etc etc, which I send hours and hours doing, as you would probably be aware...as well as doing so on my business tips blog. However, both are my personal blogs, so sometimes I post other content.

  3. I think it's good to see some affordable stuff - I'm renovating, and whilst I try to buy as much handmade as I can.... sometimes cheap is just what I have to get - and if there's somewhere that has nice stuff for cheap, then i'm sooooo ontop of it. rugs can cost thousands of dollars... and seriously, who has that kind of dosh?


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