Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Guest Blogger: 'Wishful Thinking' with Angelene

The lovely Ange from shares her picks with us as an Australian Etsy Blog guest blogger. Ange creates stunning jewellery using luxurious gems and crystals or deliciously simple and elegant pieces in sterling silver and gold.

I'm broke. Really broke. We're renovating. Nuff said. So, here's a few things I'd like to buy, if I had any money! Instead, this weekend I'll be shopping for shower screens and paint. Oh joy ;0)

But seriously, here are some very lovely items that have been sitting in my favourites on etsy. Enjoy!!

Shoulderbag with eucalyptus print by PalumaPrint on etsy

Granny vintage boots by vjones1 on etsy

Owl print top by PrettyRaccoon on etsy

You can find out more about Ange here:
Etsy Shop

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  1. hooray - paint is bought and shower screen is in - but i'm still broke - lol!


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