Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Storque Article!

As most of you know, I wrote an Australia Day article for Etsy's blog, The Storque. I've posted the article below, but please come and support all the featured artists and leave a comment on the Storque post HERE. Thanks!

Pic by missisaau
Nicky W. is a Sydney-based designer/scientific researcher who creates laser-cut jewelry inspired by neuroscience. Her Morphologica line reflects the morphology of different elements encountered during scientific research, from intricate cells important for learning and memory, to the curving structure of the brain itself. Morphologica runs the Australian Etsy Blog and is a mentor for Australian sellers through the Sellers Assisting Sellers Team.

During a recent visit to an overseas laboratory, I was asked whether a kangaroo was a type of bear. As well as testing my ability to suppress a completely inappropriate fit of giggling (which would not have done a great deal for the "serious scientist" look I was going for), this made me think that perhaps we need to work a little on our international image. For this Australia Day post, I therefore thought I’d move away from the traditional cute furry icons and present a collection that reflects our more sophisticated side, with an emphasis on fresh design.
I love the range of sleek modern designs created by Sydney-based jewelers Kristina and Bruno. Their collection features some amazing pieces that are beautiful in their simplicity, such as the Lock Me Up Ring above. By whitemetal, $220. Note: All prices listed are USD.
Donmoti is another very talented Sydney artist who creates jewelry intended to redefine our perceptions of objects. Many of these creations capture figures in motion and are truly fascinating — the collection has an almost museum-like quality that's perfect for people-watching without being spotted! $49.
Hyphen bags, created from upcycled seat belts, are another example of clever Australian design. They have the added benefit of being eco-friendly! I would never have thought that seat belts could be so aesthetically appealing, but this bag is definitely on my wish list. By interrobang, $26.
Even your eggs can be stylish with these cool felt egg covers by 0049Design, $15.
Sisters Gabrielle and Dominique, based in Melbourne, manage to combine a sense of old world glamor with practicality and comfort in their gorgeous lingerie and sleepwear designs. This beautiful baby-doll top is made from organic bamboo jersey. By Hopeless, $40.
Treat yourself to a little bit of luxury with this delicious charcoal complexion soap. Erin is always coming up with yummy new creations, and her soaps look and smell incredible (almost good enough to eat!). By innerearthsoaps, $6.
Another opportunity to indulge in the luxurious: this beautiful necklace features fuchsia Swarovski crystals and dusky pink Swarovski pearls. Created by the lovely jewelry artist angelene, $145. (And she offers free international shipping, too!)
This pocket dress, designed and sewn in Melbourne, manages to cleverly combine style and comfort. Perfect for work or play! By lyptis, $59.
I love these quirky Fable pencils, wrapped in pages from a vintage French novel. I think people reach a whole new level of sophistication when even their pencils are cool! By missisaau, $15.35.
There are lots of other great Australian sellers and many are active on one or more Teams. Here are some resources to find them:
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Please visit the original Storque article to see some more featured Aussie designs!

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