Thursday, November 12, 2009

MIKIMOTO PEARLS- as featured on Sex and the City

Now is a good time to start dropping hints about your Christmas wish list ;)

I was recently introduced to MIKIMOTO pearls, a high-end collection where 'only the top 3-5% of cultured pearls are deemed worthy to carry the MIKIMOTO name'.

MIKIMOTO pearls were featured in the Sex and the City movie- Carrie wears a pearl necklace from the collection as her 'no outfit is complete without it' piece.

If you'd like to purchase a piece from this collection, or need further information, The MIKIMOTO range can be viewed on the JR Dunn website.

Source: JRDunnJewelers
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  1. I have always adored these pearls

  2. Wow, So sexy jewelry collection. Really looks attractive and specially like that first necklace most. Thanks for post.

    dsi r4


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