Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Buy a bag for breast cancer

Eco Produce Bags- Profits for a Cure

After buying some of these cute bags yesterday, I thought I'd help spread the word about the 'Profits for a Cure' bags available from Melanie's store wiccked.etsy.com

Eco Produce Bags- Profits for a Cure
Mauve and Black

From Melanie's description of the Eco Produce Bags:
"I've also decided that all of the bags I make with these donated fabrics, half of the selling price will be donated to Breast Cancer research. Just this week I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and while I've always had my Pink for a Cure bag in my Etsy store, I've decided that I want to do more."

Eco Produce Bags- Profits for a Cure
Clowns and Roses

This is a great way to make a small contribution and get some pretty bags for your shopping (I'm going to use mine as travelling bags to help me organise socks etc in my suitcase...instead of just chucking everything in like I ususally do).

Pink for a Cure- Sweet Bed of Roses
Hand Stitched Drawstring Cotton Bag

Pink for a Cure Bag: "This fabric is part of the Quest for a Cure range, from Northcott fabrics. Since they're donating something, I will too. For each bag made with a Quest for a Cure fabric sold, I'll donate $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation."


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