Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WishList Wednesday

My wish for today (and every other day actually) is to be a real person. One who can get up on time without turning off their alarm every 5 minutes for two hours (serious), one who doesn't pour hot water into the sugar jar instead of their tea cup, and one who doesn't look like a strange combination of zombie and person-who-has-suddenly-grown-taller-so-their-tops-don't-meet-their jeans (most uncomfortable in winter, I can assure you).

I have been collecting some yummy new things to start my transformation, including a very daring little black dress (whoever invented the name 'bodycon' dress should be slapped), some cute black heels & a brand new laptop bag from the lovely Bobishi on etsy so that I don't have to look like such a dork:

Now- I just need a few more things.... ;)

Wish list:

Custom Sterling Silver Ring by Angelene

Cream Petal Clutch by MSHandbags

Bow Tie Necklace by Angelene

Sexy Butterfly Tattoo Knew High Socks by Post (Tel Aviv)

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  1. Squeal! :D Thank you Nicky for including two of my items!

    I'll offer 10% off to your readers for mentioning this article - enter "Australian Etsy" in message to seller at checkout!


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