Thursday, January 20, 2011

Queensland Flood Appeal: how Angelene is helping

My beloved state of Queensland is currently devastated by flood. Three-quarters of the state is affected, including my home town of Brisbane. For international peeps, this is the size of France and Germany combined. Thousands of families have lost their homes, their businesses and all their possessions, and to date the death-toll stands at 16.

The initial rush of dontations to the flood appeal are starting to dry up (excuse the pun) so to do my part, I am going to donate 20% of all sales in January and February (my birthday month) to the flood appeal. I have also spent a day at an affected friend's house ripping down walls and cleaning up toxic mud (what a workout - I couldn't move for three days afterwards!). I'd like to use my craft to help other people as well.

Please help, by your purchases, I can donate to the flood appeal. If you would like to donate directly, please go to and make your donation.

To donate via purchases at my Etsy store please go to

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