Tuesday, September 7, 2010

short and sweet with Moags and Smeet!

Following my post last week about 'your crafty partner' I received the following from Laura, from Moags and Smeet about her partner Dan:

My partner (Dan) is the "Smeet" in Moags and Smeet. He has a few crafty tendencies and creates excellent carvings, but I believe that the urge to create and the irresistible allure of "the stash" baffles him most of the time. Despite not comprehending my craft-obsession, he is exceptionally supportive. Whether its building storage, setting up markets, or (horror of horrors) cruising bead and gem shows, when I need him, he is there for me. His business sense is also a great boost to my efforts.

Bronze and Black Lava necklace by moagsandsmeet on etsy

Sweet huh? I thought so :) I have a couple more stories to share, so will post them in the coming weeks.

Posted by Angelene

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  1. Awww...thanks so much! We will be sure to give you and the blog a shout-out on FB/twitter etc. :)

    ~ Laura (Moags)

  2. what a great post - nice photo too!

  3. Totally agree. great post and great pic. Congrats Laura and Dan !

  4. I love to see that! Very uplifting post!


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